An unprecedented decline for casinos

by Guy Loyola

Casinos have some concern. 2012 was not a very good year for gambling establishments. The facts are there. It is noted that a decline in turnover has considerably decreased by (-8.2%) in 2012. Physical establishments see this deterioration over time deteriorate due to the arrival of new technologies and the provision of games on the Internet. The competition is such that gambling establishments have to experience modern developments in order to find new ways to satisfy customers.

We therefore questioned the casinos. None of them managed to produce the expected turnover of 2011. It is not only France which suffers this sad fate, Switzerland too. Everyone is in the same boat.

Partouche casinos suffered a decline of more than 30% in online poker, which forced the group to close its platform leaving room for other companies to compete. Times are therefore very hard.

Profitability which suffered greatly since Partouche fell to 17 million euros in losses at the end of 2012.

Great caution is in order for 2013. So what is the future of casinos?

For Swiss casinos, the losses are considerable. The law is much more flexible and less severe with regard to games of chance and poker in France. They therefore suffer a greater loss than that of France. In addition, Switzerland has announced that it has opened two new casinos on the border between Germany and Italy, which will not help matters.

Sports betting statistics are on the rise, however. The revenues are 262.8 MILLION euros in 2012 and could increase in 2013. Poker is much more affected than horse racing or sports betting.

To remedy this limitless financial plunge. Casinos do not hesitate to create new partnerships in order to support each other and find strategic ways to avoid the tornado that could quickly happen in 2013 until debt and the closure of certain gaming circles.

According to gaming establishments, development prospects must therefore focus on innovation. Boosting new offers and updating new products is the goal of brick and mortar casinos.

Today Facebook and Twitter have invaded the market. Gaming establishments see this as a possible new development in order to attract customers. Nothing has been done yet but things are being negotiated. The idea is to use the net to make games evolve in the modern world.

Partouche recently signed an agreement in England to provide Zynga with real money poker games. Proposals are still evolving. It seems that all casino operators want to find the little tip, the little trick that will make the market better in order to end up in the green in 2013.

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